Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn sweeten our festivities with their Eid telefilm

Siwaiyaan and chill!

Keeping in mind the festive season, various channels launched a slew of telefilms during Eid ul Fitr. Telefilm Siwaiyaan was one such venture aimed to sweeten our meethi Eid more than it already is. Starring Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn in lead roles, Siwaiyaan is a situational comedy with enough mystery elements to keep its viewers hooked till the end. The plot of Siwaiyaan revolves around a couple whose families are visiting for Eid, waiting for a supposed good news. While the families assume the couple will announce they’re expecting a child, the news they actually want to break is about them getting a divorce. Interspersed with this is a murder mystery, where there presumably a couple of bodies in the house which the couple is trying its best to hide – all throughout the festivities of Eid. Apart from Yasir Hussain and Sonya Hussyn, the telefilm also comes with an ensemble cast of Nayyar Ejaz, Zeba Shehnaz, Saifee Hasan, Hina Rizvi, and others. Speaking about the story, Hussain shared how close it is to theatre plays. “I’ve been into theatre for years, and I am basically a theatre actor. This script is heavily inspired by Ray Cooney and his plays, the way they have a murder mystery tied with situational comedy. Most of the telefilms made here are based on wordplay comedy, or have a slapstick approach,” he said. “This script is something that I found different from the rest after a really long time, and I always try to work with new directors, for instance Khizar Idrees who directed Badshah Begum. The director of this telefilm, Bilal Atif Khan, is also superb and knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with him,” he added.