Man of God

  • 07 May - 13 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s latest Nigerian film is Man of God, starring Akah Nnani as the son of a religious man who disavows himself from his family and pursues a career as an Afro-jazz musician. Young Sam (Nifemi Lawal) watches, bored, as his father, the priest Josiah Obalolu (Jude Chukwuma). The scene occurs repeatedly throughout Sam’s childhood, his father wailing on him, his mother comforting her child but doing nothing to stop the violence. Several years later, Sam (Nnani) leads an Afro-jazz group while attending the University of Lagos. He hasn’t spoken to his family in three years. He smokes. He drinks and is with three women, Rekya (Dorcas Shola Fapson), a dancer in his group, is his sort-of girlfriend; but the vibe appears to be mutual. His relationship with Teju (Osas Ighodaro) is platonic, she assists him with his studies and tries to get him to attend fellowship meetings with her. Through Teju, Sam meets Joy (Atlanta Bridget), she’s also a music lover and the only one who successfully encourages him to join the fellowship. Much to Teju’s despair, Sam pursues a relationship with Joy, who maybe almost gets over his bad-boy reputation for a while, until her pastor labels him a cad who plays, “the devil’s music.” Meanwhile, Rekya drops out of university, dealing drugs for easy money and encourages him to live the high life with her. He declines, pinning his hopes to Joy, who leaves for a service trip. Her communication becomes sporadic, and his worst fears are realised – she went off and married someone else.

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