Google’s latest Nest cameras now work with Amazon Alexa

The newest Google Nest cameras can now stream to your Amazon Alexa smart displays, including Echo Show devices, Fire TVs, and Fire tablets. Following Amazon’s announcement that third-party cameras can take advantage of its new person and package announcement features on Echo smart speakers, Google Nest has updated its languishing Alexa skill to include its latest cameras. The Google Nest Alexa skill adds the ability to view a live feed and get motion announcements on Echo speakers from the Google Nest Cam (outdoor/indoor, battery), Google Nest Cam (wired, indoor), and Nest Cam with floodlight. It also adds doorbell press notifications and two-way talk to Google’s support for the Nest Doorbell (battery). That’s in addition to existing support for live views from the older Nest Cams, Nest Cam IQs (indoor/outdoor), and the Nest Doorbell (wired), formerly called Nest Hello. This means that you can now stream all your Nest cameras to an Echo Show and see a live feed of the newer models on a Fire TV or Fire tablet. You can also receive motion announcements on your Echo speakers and smart displays.