Summertime: Season 3

  • 14 May - 20 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

In Netflix original series Summertime, an introverted young woman who plays by the rules finds herself swept up by a famous motorcycle racer visiting her town for the summer. Over the past two seasons, we’ve watched this will-they-won’t-they dynamic play out, and now the final season of the Italian teen drama is finally available to stream. It seems like it’s always summertime in the beautiful Italian coastal town of Cesenatico, where we pick things up again with our young cast. Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe) and Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) get drunk and rage at their respective parties; Summer takes a hot dude down to the beach for some midnight fun. Still reeling from Lola’s accident and the messy state of things, Ale has turned to drinking, ditching most of his friends. His father tries to talk some sense into him (and pleads with him to return to his racing career), but Ale won’t hear any of it. He’s too wrapped up in everything that’s happened. Lola, meanwhile, is told by her doctor that her bones are healing beautifully, but that her muscles will never repair. This implies a bleak future for her racing career, but she continues on with physical therapy. While Ale cruises around town on his scooter, he catches a glimpse of Lola in her therapy, and continues on. Summertime delivers on exactly what it promises; teen drama set against the dreamy backdrop of the Adriatic coast of Italy. Unfortunately, much of the goings-on aren’t much to get fully invested.