40 Years Young

  • 14 May - 20 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

40 Years Young follows César (Erick Elias), a chef who enters into a culinary competition with his best friend and business partner Paolo (Adam Ramones). It is a contest shrouded in excitement and anticipation until César’s personal life is rocked by a series of shocking revelations, which all threaten his participation in the competition. It’s not very often that one encounters a film so colourful yet so flat, but that is exactly the case with 40 Years Young. It is light and bright, but makes massive sweeping strokes that prevent it from ever having any real depth. As the film, in general, was very fleeting and whimsical, it’s no surprise that this was something that rubbed off on the way that many of the characters and their actions were written too. The writing was too simplistic, and brings to point that the film never took the time to really explore and dissect any of the elements it glanced over. Whilst it may have had these problems, I would say what 40 Years Young is most guilty of is being hugely and instantly forgettable. It is so little to say about the film that it is unreal.