Bilal Maqsood releases his first solo single Naya Naya – dedicates to his audience

Flying Solo

After 33 years of being part of a successful band that sent waves through the Pakistani music scene, founding member of Strings Bilal Maqsood decided to take up his career solo. Though his musical endeavours have not been limited to songwriting, fans have been waiting for this moment since Bilal announced his decision to continue his music career. And the singer has very fittingly dedicated his first solo song Naya Naya to his fans who've been there for him throughout his journey. An EPIC Pictures production, Naya Naya was cowritten by the singer and his father Anwar Maqsood, and the video was directed by Murtaza Chaudhary. "Naya Naya, my first solo single is dedicated to you guys. I’m talking to my amazing audience without whom I’m nothing. It’s a new life for me and I cannot deny the fact that you all are an integral part of my new journey," he captioned the video. The lyrics of the song are about a singer questioning whether anyone hears him – this, along with the music video which was shot in Turkey, is a great combination to channel serenity.