How can I lighten acne scars fast?

Look for products infused with Sulforawhite (flower extract), Vitamin C, retinoids, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). These ingredients have a brightening and lightening effect and help ward off acne scars fast. Alternatively, you can also find some natural ingredients in your pantry that do the job just as well. We recommend raw honey, coconut oil, aloe vera or turmeric.

How can I tell what skin type I have?

Think about how your skin feels when you wake up in the morning. If it’s generally tight and flaky, it’s likely to be dry. Oily skin usually has larger pores and looks shiny and glossy all over. On the other hand, combination skin will usually have an oily T-zone, while the rest of the face is dry. Lastly, normal skin feels even and balanced. Understanding your skin type is the stepping stone to achieving clear skin.

How can I prevent skin from ageing at 30?

There are a number of ways to prevent premature skin ageing. Above all, keep an eye on your stress levels. Next, ensure that you’re getting a good deal of rest. Additionally, apply sunscreen every day, follow an efficient skincare routine, and consume healthy foods.

Can I control oil production on my face?

Yes. Start by incorporating a light-weight and oil-free moisturiser into your skincare routine. While many believe that oily skin doesn’t require moisturising, this is absolutely wrong. Oftentimes, your skin produces excess oils to get rid of dryness. So, when your skin is moisturised enough, it won't feel the need to produce excess oil and sebum. Additionally, avoid eating junk, processed, and sugary foods.

How do I reduce redness or eczema on my face?

Facial redness and eczema can be caused by a number of conditions. Irrespective of the cause, taking some precautions can help reduce if not eliminate redness completely. Generally, stay away from irritants like essential oils and benzoyl peroxide; don’t overload your skin with too many active ingredients; limit exposure to the sun, and don’t exfoliate more than twice a week. Lastly, embrace healthy eating and living. P.S: All that being said, if you're suffering from eczema, it would be best to visit a dermatologist. They can help you decide if you should go for skincare products or medical-grade products.