The Family Chao

Set in the small town of Haven, Wisconsin, The Family Chao by Lan Samantha Chang is a thriller about family secrets and the darker side of living in a town where everyone knows your name. For decades, the residents of Haven have eaten at the Fine Chao restaurant without delving into the rumours about the complicated marriage between the owners, Big Leo and Winnie. However, when Leo and Winnie's three sons come home to Haven, and their father suddenly turns up dead, the entire town can't stop speculating about Leo's death.

I Must Betray You

Ruta Sepetys's latest historical thriller might just be her most gripping one yet. I Must Betray You is set in 1989 Romania, where 17-year-old Cristian Florescu is forced to give up his dreams of becoming a writer to become an informant for the secret police. Not wanting to accept his fate, Cristian decides to use his creativity to work as a double agent. Instead of helping the dangerous regime running the country, he decides to risk everything to give the people a voice, even if it means to sacrifice his freedom.

Lease on Love

Lease on Love by Falon Ballard follows Sadie Green, a woman who not only just got passed over for a promotion at work, but who also needs a new place to live. Her search leads her to Jack, a man who is grieving the death of his parents by escaping into movie marathons. He and Sadie have nothing in common except for a mutual love of his brownstone, which leads him to offer her his spare room. It's an offer that Sadie can't refuse, and it's also one that's destined to make both their lives better.