7 Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try in 2022

  • 14 May - 20 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Asking yourself what the biggest makeup trends are for 2022? Simply put, it’s all about luminous looks, so get ready to get your glow on this year. If you’re looking for the best makeup trends for this spring and beyond, whether it’s bold eye makeup or a minimalist bronzed face, we’ve got you covered.

Bright blush

Blush is back and better than ever. Statement blush – and even over-blushing – is one of this season’s newest makeup trends. Brighter colour choices, like bold peach and punchy pink, are taking centre stage right now, and it’s easy to do at home. “The key to this look is to use less product on your brush, but not be afraid of vibrancy,” says Lujan. “By working a small amount of blush product deep into the bristles of your brush, you can create beautiful soft washes of colour.”

The way you should apply blush is also changing for this trend: “The colour is applied to the apple of the cheek and pulled into the temple and into the crease of the eye,” says Lujan.

No-makeup makeup

This is a trend for the masses and one of the easiest to achieve at home. Tejada recommends using a face moisturiser in combination with your foundation to even out complexion.

“The goal is to have minimal coverage with a glowing finish,” says Lujan. Use a luminous, dewy foundation or a barely-there skin tint for this trend. “For additional coverage, spot cover with a medium- to full-coverage foundation.”


With warmer days just around the corner, a bronzed style is stepping to the front of the line now. Rather than using bronzer to create a chiseled look, try tantouring. It is exactly what it sounds like: contouring with self-tanner for a more natural, effortless style.

“I’ve done this with some clients and even on myself by using SOL by Jergens Deeper by the Drops,” says Tejada. “I mix a few drops of the tanning serum in my moisturiser, and I apply on the places that I want to have contoured (i.e., nose, cheek line, jaw, etc.). It’s easily seamless and offers a natural long lasting (during the day) look.”

Glossy lips

Pucker up this year with shiny, glossy lips. Whether you’re opting for a nude lip (which Tejada says never goes out of style) or looking for a bit more colour, the juicy, hydrated glass-looking lip is everywhere these days. Use a high-shine gloss and “juxtapose the glossy lip with a matte complexion or matte eyeshadow look,” says Lujan. “Texture is a major trend this year!”

Statement eyes

From Euphoria to the spring fashion runways, there’s no question: it’s all about the eyes this season. Bright eyeshadow, adorned features and glitter is everywhere right now.

“[Adorned features] can be as simple as adding one rhinestone to the inner corners of the eyes,” says Lujan. “Just place a dot of latex free lash glue and allow it to get tacky. Then gently press on a gem of your choice.” If you’re not ready for bedazzling your eyes, try starting with a metallic glitter shadow or bold eyeshadow shade to incorporate this trend into your everyday makeup looks.

Faux freckles

Long gone are the days of trying to hide freckles. Instead, we’ve gone the opposite way: faux freckles are one of this season’s biggest beauty trends. As we head toward warmer weather, we’re also keeping an eye out for more natural, summer-forward makeup looks.

“I love the natural effect faux freckles create when you are wearing medium to full cover foundation,” says Lujan. “My thought is, the more coverage you wear, the more sculpt, blush and freckles you need to bring life to the skin.” You can try henna, eyeliner, brow pencils or a freckle pen to create this sun kissed style.

Bold brows

Beyond statement eyes, it’s the season of accentuating your favourite features – after all, this year’s makeup is all about showing off your personality. We’re still seeing full and fluffy brows as just one of many bold features this year. Brow lamination continues to trend this year.

To ease into highlighting your favourite features like your brows, use a brow pomade or tinted brow gel and “try a lighter application first and then work up your confidence to apply more,” says Tejada. “Great makeup brushes make the difference.”


So you’ve got your skincare lineup locked and your beauty routine down to a science. But you might need extra help to combat different skin problems. Think of these hydrating products as superheroes, with rich, revitalising ingredients that keep you looking lush even in the bitterest conditions.

The Good Acids Pore Toner

Some toners nourish, while others help to smooth and minimise the appearance of pores – how about one that does both? This post-cleanser formula blends AHA and salicylic acid to slough away dead skin cells. Meanwhile, cape lilac, eggplant, turmeric extract and aloe quell irritation.

Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

Bring some bounce back to your skin with this organic serum, which contains a mixture of fruit stem cells, along with antioxidant-rich jojoba and shea that protects the skin’s surface. One added pro: you can use this gel-like product as a makeup primer thanks to a generous dose of hyaluronic acid, which gives it just the right amount of glide.

Daily Microfoliant

Dull skin is one of the less merry hallmarks of the winter season, so exfoliation is critical around this time of year. With a sugary texture, this rice-based enzyme powder starts off dry, then lathers up when activated with water. Ingredients like green tea and colloidal oatmeal comfort skin, while salicylic acid deep-cleans pores.

Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

This extra-concentrated eye serum helps to smooth under-eye wrinkles and minimise the appearance of crow’s feet with a dose of retinol, while cotton wool grass extract and marine kelp help to stave off dryness. Since it’s ophthalmologist tested, it’s approved for application around the eyes – you can even dab it directly on your lids, a crucial but often-neglected skincare zone.

Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator

Think of this aloe vera mask as a nourishing snack for your chapped skin. Generously swipe on the bright green gel – infused with botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya, and chamomile – whenever your face feels inflamed (it’s a great remedy after peels, waxing sessions, and extractions). Work it in with a facial roller for an invigorating massage, or pop it in the fridge for a refreshingly cool effect.

Rènergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Face Cream SPF 30

What separates a subpar moisturiser from an exceptional one? This prestige face cream which is the priciest entry on the list, but for good reason: Your skin will drink up the lightweight cream that’s enriched with firming linseed extract and brightening LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid), giving this day cream the anti-aging potency of a night cream. The subtle, floral-scented cream has added SPF 30, so you can cross hydration and sun protection off your to-do list in one fell swoop.