Enjoyed watching Ghabrana Nahi Hai. Very engaging and entertaining as you'd expect an Eid release to be. Saba, Zahid and Jibran great work. Congratulations to the director Saqib Khan, Jameel Baig on their first venture and also, Hasan Zia. Do watch! @zahidahmed_ @s_qamarzaman @iSyedJibran

With multiple big screen releases for us to watch and enjoy a little entertainment getaway with our family and friends, actor Humayun Saeed came in to support Pakistani cinema and was all praises for the makers and actors who worked immensely hard to make Ghabrana Nahi Hai a major hit this Eid season.

Our entertainment industry is working hard day and night without any support or recognition from the government for building a positive and powerful image globally, unlike our politics. It would be far more beneficial for Pakistan if the entertainment industry and the government work hand in hand rather than ridiculing each other for personal gains. Realise the power of your entertainment industry already.

Actress Hareem Farooq states that the criticism of actors from the entertainment industry by the politicians is uncalled for. She also shares that it is about time for the government to start supporting the industry in order to build a positive image of Pakistan together rather than mock the people who belong from the entertainment sector.

If overseas Pakistanis cannot comment on Pakistan by the virtue of their geo location, then by the same logic all those living in Pak should stop commenting on matters outside their country: Palestine, India, Europe etc. See how this works? #weakargumentsofthemindless

Armeena Khan is fed up of people trolling overseas Pakistanis for being keen-eyed about the ongoing situations within the country and for being vocal about them too. As an overseas Pakistani, the actress called the trolling baseless and concludes that with the said mindset people living here in Pakistan should also not comment on the happenings outside of Pakistan.