#ShireenAbuAqla – wondering when karma will take its toll on that illegal state.

The recent killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli forces triggers outpouring of condemnation and condolences. The veteran journalist, described as an “icon of Palestinian coverage”, was shot by Israeli forces while reporting in the occupied West Bank. The incident has sparked global outrage with the EU urging an “independent” investigation. Actress Ushna Shah waits for karma to hit the oppressors following this tragic killing.

It’s sad to see how all the film producers are asking for what they actually deserve. It was just a matter of a week, I appreciate all the producers and actors who put their soul, time and effort into rebuilding a cinema industry especially after Covid.

The release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has created a chaos among the filmmakers of the recently released Pakistani films. The distributors and filmmakers held a press conference to bring an important matter to the public eye – according to the Motion Picture Ordinance – foreign movies that have acquired censor certificates can only play on 15% of the screens in Pakistan if domestically produced films are competing for screen space. Actress Maya Ali is disappointed and wants the local film industry to not suffer because of any hyped international release.

Reduce cinema ticket prices! Let people have access to cinema rather than creating divides on the basis of affordability. Cinema in this age shouldn't be a luxury instead it should be accessible to a majority of Pakistani's! Rs 900 is just not on #SupportLocalCinema

Haroon Shahid voiced his opinion to decrease the ticket prices as according to the actor the hike in the ticket prices isn’t affordable for the common man to enjoy watching a film at the cinema. He is of the opinion that cinema should be accessible for everyone and shouldn’t be portrayed as a luxury.