The New Girl

Jesse Q. Sutanto is a bestselling thriller writer. If you've yet to dip into her books, her latest, The New Girl, is perfect to start. The thriller is set at Draycott Academy, a prestigious school where misfit Lia Setiawan has just won a scholarship. However, on her very first day at her new school, she witnesses a fellow student being taken away by campus security against their will. When no one else seems to care, Lia takes it upon herself to look into the student's disappearance and gets herself wrapped up in a dangerous scenario.

Other People's Clothes

Other People's Clothes by Calla Henkel is a psychological thriller with a sense of humour. Zoe Beech wants nothing more than to forget the murder of her best friend, and she decides the best way to move forward is to leave everything familiar behind. As a result, she ends up studying abroad in Berlin, where she meets an aspiring artist Hailey Mader. Together they sublet an apartment owned by a famed thriller writer. Soon, Hailey suggests to Zoe that the author is planning to use their lives for inspiration for her next novel, which leads them to craft dynamic personas that won't be easy to shake off.

Ramón and Julieta

A Day of the Dead celebration brings together a pair of lovers in Alana Albertson's rom-com update of Romeo and Juliet, Ramón and Julieta. After exchanging a life-changing moment with a woman he's never properly met at a Day of the Dead festival, Ramón makes it his mission to track her down. Unfortunately for him, the mystery person is none other than Julieta Campos, a chef who is doing everything to keep her taqueria from closing – a taqueria that he now owns. To make matters worse, Ramón's father stole Julieta's mother's famed taco recipe decades ago, making their family sworn enemies.