Elizabeth Olsen admits being frustrated with MCU after losing other acting roles

Elizabeth Olsen shared the true weight of Wanda's red tiara. The WandaVision actress told The New York Times that she took on the role of Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to avoid being an indie film typecast, but the decision had its own consequences. "I started to feel frustrated," she told the publication. "I had this job security but I was losing these pieces that I felt were more part of my being. And the further I got away from that, the less I became considered for it." The actress said she was particularly frustrated on having to turn down a role in The Lobster over her commitments to the MCU. "It [Marvel] took me away from doing certain jobs I thought were more aligned with the things I enjoyed as an audience member," Elizabeth said. She told that she always wanted to act, but didn't want to follow her twin sisters' path and pursue the career as a child. In addition to her Wanda revival, she is also in the upcoming HBO Max miniseries Love and Death.