Bespoke abode

“Bespoke” is having a moment right now. It’s a design buzzword but, honestly, what the heck is “bespoke”? And how does it fit into home design and renovations? Essentially, “bespoke” means tailored to one’s needs. Bespoke design is measured and crafted according to the home’s unique dimensions, and the homeowner’s particular tastes and requirements. It can mean a clever use of storage to maximise space; or an unusual hand-crafted piece. It can also mean a room that’s completely original, whether that’s from choosing a guiding theme; customising the lay-out; or adding quirky details. Want to get started? Here are a few ideas:

The simplistic yet compelling rug offers natural class and grace to your decor space.

Revamp any coffee table or bookshelf with this handcrafted, all natural bone and wood box!

This antiqued brass and silk lamp creates a refined yet playful statement.

With its checkered pattern and gold accents, this vase is the perfect contemporary decor for your home.

This sleek side table is the ideal partner for any entertainment space.

This surreal server adds edgy glamour as a centerpiece or a sinful surprise in an entryway.

Embrace this rounded back sofa and create a cozy sense of comfort in your living room.