Panic’s playful Playdate gets updated as a personal organiser

One of the best things about the Playdate, Panic’s quirky gaming handheld, is how it only really does one very specific thing: play video games. It’s not bogged down by other apps or features, so when you’re playing it’s easy to stay focused on the game. It’s refreshing to have a device so single-mindedly focused on fun – which is why using the little yellow console as a personal organiser is so intriguing. Now, the Playdate may be a dedicated gaming machine, but its screen, despite its small size, is actually great for this kind of thing. The low-fi, black-and-white display (which has no backlight) is reminiscent of a Kindle, which itself is meant to replicate the experience of reading on paper. So, the Playdate is great for paper-like experiences. And it works well for replicating the vibe of a classic physical organiser. It has a barebones list of features and doesn’t connect to other tools, like a personal Google calendar. But if you managed to get your hands on one and have very straightforward needs for staying on top of your to-do list, it’s a solid option.