Yasir Hussain & Nawal Saeed Unifying their acting prowess

There's something about watching two people with a powerful connection in a movie that just makes it great. Whether it's a comedy, drama, or in a fantasy world far, far, away, an on-screen couple sucks audiences into the story and heightens the talents of the actors playing the part. It has led to award-winning performances, and for some, memorable roles that have been remembered for lifetimes.

Anything new and exciting always creates a buzz in tinsel town. Fresh on-screen pairing is always exciting to look forward to as it adds some freshness and new spark on the silver screen. The cinema has had some of its iconic onscreen pairs over the years through some blockbusters delivered by them alongside each other. Even though the pandemic had stalled a lot of big-budget films last two years, it seems like the patterns are finally getting back to normalcy and we are about to witness some of the most intriguing fresh pairs on the silver screen. One such pairing being Yasir Hussain and Nawal Saeed.

This on-screen pair of the moment is all set to play prominent roles in their upcoming action-drama Chaudhry –

The Martyr. The upcoming movie is a biopic on the life of SP Chaudhry Aslam. Directed by Azeem Sajjad, the movie is a tribute to the martyr for his audacious services in police department. In a career spanning around 24 years he rendered services on several important ranks and is known for eradicating target killers, gang wars and terrorists before getting assassinated in 2011.

The film has a star-studded cast including Sana Fakhir, Salim Mairaj, Shamoon Abbasi and many more. Yasir Hussain and Nawal Saeed will also be seen in pivotal roles. The two are said to be seen as ambitious journalists in the movie. According to the director, “Yasir is playing a very ambitious journalist who is curious about Aslam and is into fact finding regarding him and Karachi’s situation. It’s actually Yasir’s character who is narrating Aslam’s biopic in film so it’s a very important character.” Chaudhry – The Martyr has already released its action-packed trailer and is expected to hit cinemas soon.

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