Ali Xeeshan accused of pirating an artist’s work for his exhibition ‘Exquisite Mistake’

Plagiarism disputes

Art is generally connected to creativity and original work. The ability to design something that has not been seen before is the driving force behind most artistic minds. Unfortunately, some people choose to take advantage of the creativity of others rather than come up with their own content. One of the more scandalous incidents that has happened in this genre includes fashion designer Ali Xeeshan being accused of plagiarising sculptures of artist Ayesha Shaikh. In March, Ali Xeeshan organised an art exhibit titled Exquisite Mistake. The pieces at the exhibition were basically sculptures of heavy bodied women. That said, recently, Ayesha Sheikh, a 2019 graduate from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, took to her Instagram and accused the designer for replicating her artwork. Posting the similarity between their artworks, she said, “I don’t know if I should be infuriated or feel proud about my artwork being plagiarised by fashion designer Ali Xeeshan.” Denying all accusations, the designer said that his artwork was inspired by his nanny. “All through the history of art, you will find similar creations inspired by big-sized women. There are only a limited number of ways in which a heavily-volumed woman can sit and lie down. To say that the postures that I had captured were plagiarised is a baseless accusation,” the designer stated.