SOC Films launches its film and book series on climate change

Socially responsible

Environmental issues have proved themselves to be an increasingly hot subject in film and television. With access to a wide range of environmentally-themed documentaries or movies, it might be overwhelming searching for entertaining yet educational content. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's production house SOC Films brings us yet another social film and book series aimed to start a conversation on environment and climate change. The filmmaker announced the launch of its publication on her social media with a caption that read as, "We are extremely excited to launch our first publication at SOC films under our SOCH outreach initiative. This book authored by Rumana Hussain profiles 14 climate change heroes across the country who are working to create change in their communities. Their awareness programmes are laying the seeds for a generation of climate change warriors." Along with that, Obaid-Chinoy said that the book and films will be shared free of cost with schools and libraries across the country.