‘Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer’ wins big at the UK Asian Film Festival

Winning accolades

Yasir Hussain and Ayesha Omar starrer Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story Of A Serial Killer, a film which was banned in Pakistan two days before its scheduled release in theatres, has won two accolades at the UK Asian Film Festival 2022. Yasir Hussain, who has played the lead and titular role in the film, has won the Best Actor award while its director Abu Aleeha has bagged one for the Best Director. Yasir took to Instagram and updated his fans about his trip to the UK. He shared pictures from a panel discussion with Beo Raana Zafar about his film that was screened as the opening movie of the festival. Later, he shared the big news of bringing home two trophies for his film. He thanked his co-stars Ayesha Omar, Rabya Kulsoom and Paras Masroor, as well as the director and producer of the film. The film is based on the investigations held in the case of a notorious serial killer who abducted, abused and killed 100 young boys in Lahore and sent evidence of his crimes to the authorities and media in 1999. He was arrested and sentenced to death. But just two years into his sentence, he allegedly committed suicide in his prison cell.