Hate is a business these days, yielding massive profits through followings and high content engagement. When you come across negativity on any platform, consider the person/website sharing such content. Why are they doing it? Are they credible/impartial? Is the news true and fair? Be careful how you contribute your thoughts and time online. Make sure you’re not helping spiteful people and publications get rich by monetising hate.

Mansha Pasha

The kind of free hand given by the rest of the world that allows you to openly assault and attack a funeral procession without fear of any backlash or repercussions. Cancel Israel.

Adnan Siddiqui

Something good did come out of the controversy I got unwittingly dragged into. Twitter finally took note of my existence and verified my handle! #shukriya @verified

aijaz aslam

Just blaming each other in hour long speeches, nobody talks how they will save Pakistan from the current financial crisis and sinking economy. Requesting all my dear politicians to keep Pakistan first, time to take big decisions. #Pakistanfirst


I hope Pakistan will put an immediate and indefinite ban on export of wheat and sugar. Hope we are prepared for the food shortages being forecasted by the experts worldwide.