Shaista Lodhi’s versatility is unquestionable. If we trace her journey, she has an impressive working experience in the field of hosting, acting as well as aesthetics. Dr Shaista Lodhi, working as a renowned aesthetic physician, has not only proved her mettle in entertainment but in facial/body aesthetics as well. Lodhi has pioneered morning shows, and has also worked in a few dramas. In the entertainment industry, she started her career from radio while she was studying to manage her college fees. Lodhi is also venturing into philanthropy, as her newly established clinic in North Nazimabad isn’t just aesthetics facility but a proper medical centre, where she conducts several free medical camps for women. Now this is what we call a female powerhouse. She joins MAG for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

How would you describe yourself?

A simple person with little needs who wants peace more than luxuries.

When did you first join the entertainment fraternity?

I joined during my final year of medicine, I was married then and soon my kids were born, too.

What made you opt for working in drama serials?

I want to have something in my library which I can go back to in my old age; when I can make myself a cup of tea and go through all the work I have to my credit.

Will you be opting for the silver screen glitz anytime soon?

I don’t think I’ll go in that direction right now; for my mum, working in a drama came as a shocker.

One thing you can eat any time of the day?

Daal chaawal.

Something you really want to do in life?

I plan on penning a book someday. I think it will be a motivational read.

The worst thing about being a celebrity is…

You are not left with any private life. I get very disappointed when cheap things are written about me on social media. People forget that a celebrity also has a family, she is someone’s daughter, wife, mother and sister.