Hadiqa Kiani has become EQUAL Pakistan’s Ambassador of the Month


One of Pakistan’s most prolific music icons, Hadiqa Kiani becomes EQUAL Pakistan’s Ambassador of the Month. Spotify announced its third Ambassador of the month, as EQUAL Pakistan continues to highlight a mix of iconic and emerging musical talents from the country. The brand continued to celebrate women and their achievements in the field of music with Hadiqa Kiani as the face for EQUAL Pakistan. The singer appeared on a digital billboard at Times Square NYC following Arooj Aftab and Mehak Ali, the previous Ambassadors for EQUAL Pakistan. In line with a tradition of being given the spotlight for the world to witness their grandeur, Hadiqa Kiani marked the special occasion with her song titled Yaad, coming from her recent album VASL, being featured on EQUAL Global playlist, for millions of listeners to enjoy. In addition, Hadiqa is on the cover of EQUAL Pakistan. “Hadiqa Kiani’s versatility knows no bounds. Being a trendsetter for Pakistani women over the past two and a half decades, she has conquered all, shattering every glass ceiling along the way. Hadiqa remains an icon and an inspiration that artists, especially Pakistani women look up to,” highlighted Rutaba Yaqub, Spotify’s Music Manager for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.