Two Tales of Betrayal

  • 28 May - 03 Jun, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Money is Everything for Megan

An hour later, Ronald was sitting by his car with bomb still inside it. Isaac comes from behind and says:

‘You took away my cell phone’s battery because you knew my trick. Megan must have told you. But you failed to get me killed. Your bomb was diffused already, my fate saved me and now I’m getting my desire of travelling to and exploring Paris.’

‘Do you want to know that why didn’t that bomb explode?’ Ronald says showing him a remote control. ‘It’s because I diffused it.’

‘You diffused it from this remote control?’ Isaac asks getting totally surprised.

‘Yes, like I told you, you can fool me but I can scare you.’

‘Why did you save my life? Were you afraid to get hanged?’

‘No, I wanted to convince you that you consider me as your partner. But I like us much as friends.’

‘Well, okay,’ Isaac says shaking hands with Ronald. ‘We may be friends but for our next challenges we won’t save each other from dying, the way I used the fake poison and you diffused the bomb.’

‘Okay, that’s a deal now!’

They begin to walk away. Ronald stops him as they are quite far from the vehicle, and he gives Isaac the remote control.

‘Press this button Isaac.’

Isaac presses the appointed button, and they both hear and almost see a very loud and destructive bomb blast. The car had exploded. Isaac gets worried, but Ronald walks away calmly.

Two days later, Isaac was in Paris as a tourist but still in The Suicide Game Team’s custody. However, Ronald was getting bored at his home, with his wife who hardly spoke to him.

One evening, Ronald receives a phone call from J.L. at home. He answers the call and J.L. asks him to come and see him. Ronald goes to the appointed mall where he was asked to come. J.L. meets him and finally says:

‘Ronald, do you know about Megan’s Final Challenge?’

‘Megan’s Final Challenge? No, I’ve never heard of it.’

‘Let me tell you then. Our host is known for one thing. We all say that money is everything for Megan. She loves her wealth more than anything, and that’s why she has kept her entire wealth on a bet against one challenge.’

‘What challenge?’

‘Megan has kept a challenge, which does not seem as dangerous as other challenges do, such as water drowning and bomb blast. But it has no escape at all. Anybody who becomes B, tries it and dies. And A gets hanged. This means both contestants die after facing that challenge.’

‘What sort of challenge?’ Ronald asks curiously. ‘You’re saying it’s not too dangerous but still the contestants fail and die.’

‘No, it is dangerous, but it doesn’t seem to be when people hear about it.’

‘What is it then?’

‘I’m sorry Ronald,’ J.L. replies, ‘I’m not allowed to tell you. Megan will tell you herself. But remember money is everything for her and she will give away her entire wealth to that person who survives that challenge.’

J.L. walks away and leaves him alone. Ronald feels that this challenge must be quite interesting, but he needed Megan to let him know what it was.

Isaac’s Dangerous Challenge

As Thursday comes, Isaac and Ronald come to Megan’s Theatre and see two other contestants on stage giving each other a challenge. One of them was a woman and the other one was a man of her age. The man was B, and was given a challenge of surviving death after being tied on a railway track until train would come and pass away. He had bravely accepted the challenge.

After they walk away, Megan declares in front of audience:

‘And our next contestants are Mr Ronald Nash and Mr Isaac Silken. Please welcome them on stage!’

The audience claps for Isaac and Ronald who were walking towards stage. While they both are standing in front of camera men, Isaac takes the mike and claims:

‘For Mr Ronald, my next challenge is of escaping death after jumping off the roof of a twenty floor building.’

The audience likes this challenge and cheers a lot for this. Ronald smiles at audience and then exclaims out loudly:

‘I accept!’

Megan comes in front of audience and says:

‘Well, I was waiting for such a challenge since long. Let’s see if Mr Ronald survives this challenge or not!’

The audience keeps on cheering up for them.

Moments later, Megan and J.L. were talking backstage. Isaac was just leaving but he stops and secretly overhears their conversation,

‘It’s still not so entertaining for me,’ Megan says to J.L. ‘Everyone brings something new and exciting, and ultimately we see escaping tricks. But no one has ever survived the final challenge which I have made.’

‘Megan it doesn’t sound too impressive. Escaping death from the train is very impressive, surviving after falling from the top of building gives a thrill to audience. Your challenge is interesting, but not as much delightful as others are.’

‘Okay then, give me one strong reason that why hasn’t anyone survived my challenge yet. Whoever accepts this challenge dies. And whoever dares to become A, gets hanged.’

‘Well, there may not be any sort of escape trick,’ J.L. replies, ‘neither a fraud trick.’

Isaac hears someone coming, so he walks away.

While Isaac was walking outside the Theatre, he was wondering that what could be Megan’s challenge, which no one could have ever escaped.

The Look in Eyes explains the Personality

On Saturday, Ronald was standing next to the railway track. A woman was tying some man’s arms and legs with ropes. The man was then lying on the railway track. Megan and her team were watching them as this was a part of The Suicide Game Show’s challenge.

Isaac was watching them and Ronald on television at his home. Ronald was quiet distressed, frightened about his own escape.

Next moment, they all hear train’s whistle. Ronald goes towards Megan and asks:

‘What is his escape trick? He told you earlier.’

‘Well, his trick is quiet risky. He said he’ll escape by flipping his body over the railway track.’

‘Oh, that’s too difficult with arms and legs tied.’

Ronald sees train coming towards him. The cameramen focus their cameras towards the train. Isaac sees the train on T.V. and sort of prays for the man. The man tries to stand up or twist himself for jumping, but he fails as the ropes were tied up very tightly.

The train comes closer and closer in fast speed. Ronald bites his lips and prickles his fingers seeing that the man was totally unable to escape. However, the man stands up somehow, but it gets too late as the train crashes him over breaking his body into pieces.

Isaac closes his eyes and switches off television unable to see such a painful death.

Megan comes in front of television and says:

‘We’re all very sorry for what we just witnessed, but now unfortunately Miss A is going to get hanged.’

An hour later, Isaac, Ronald and Megan’s crew were standing at the top of a twenty floor tower. Some of the cameramen and audience were watching them from outside and ground floor.

Ronald says to Isaac:

‘Today, I saw something in Megan…’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘That lady is very stone hearted. She was feeling sorry in front of audience for the man who died. But the look in her eyes told me very clearly that she was not at all sorry for whatever happened.’

‘So? We have nothing to do with that.’

Ronald slowly walks towards Megan and secretly tells her the trick he would apply to escape his death. J.L. predicts that there may be any foam beds on ground, which would prevent Ronald from dying or the other way could be of performing a stunt while landing on ground.

As Megan fires her pistol, Ronald stands at the edge of the building. Isaac comes to push him according to challenge, but as he gets closer, Ronald says to him:

‘The look in the eyes explains the personality very well.’

Isaac pushes Ronald, and Ronald fells in backwards position. Now Ronald was in air felling towards the ground. The cameramen were watching him and capturing his video. Ronald puts off his shirt immediately in air, where his back is found attached with the emergency parachute. His parachute opens as he reaches seventh floor and survives, as his parachute slows down his falling speed.

Isaac sees him and feels a little better that his friend was not dying.

Megan’s Final Challenge

Next day, during the afternoon, Isaac and Ronald were in a park watching kids playing around. Isaac says to Ronald:

‘So, according to you, Megan is stone hearted.’

‘Not just stone hearted, she’s more like an animal. Its money, money is everything for her. She lets people die and runs this illegal show, only because she earns a lot of money.’

‘Well Ron, I don’t disagree with you. But we can also not stop her. It’s because of her political support.’

‘Megan’s Final Challenge,’ Ronald says. ‘Have you heard of it?’

‘Oh yeah, I did hear about that. J.L. and Megan were talking about it. They said whoever attempts this challenge fails. B dies accepting the challenge and A dies getting hanged.’

‘Yes, I’ve heard the same. And I’ve also heard that this one is not too different or attractive.’

A familiar voice comes from behind them and says:

‘Well, if you guys are interested, Megan’s on her way to tell you both about this challenge.’

It was J.L. standing behind them who interrupted their talks.

‘Okay, we’re interested,’ Isaac says.

‘What about my desire?’

‘Sure Mr Ronald, you’re definitely going to visit Louver’ J.L. replies. ‘Your arrangements are being done. Anyways, come along both of you.’

J.L. takes both of them towards his car and drives towards Megan’s Theatre.

As the three of them enter inside Megan’s Theatre, they see that the seats of audience were totally empty. Megan, who was at stage, calls them on stage with her. She gives a machine gun to Isaac.

‘My Final Challenge is, escaping or surviving the bullet.’

‘Bullet?’ Isaac asks.

‘For example, if you are A and Ronald is B. Then you’ll aim him straight on his forehead with my gun. If Ronald dies, which is obvious, then you’ll be hanged. In case if Ronald survives doing any escape trick, no matter fraud or honest, then I will hand over my entire wealth to him.’

‘Wow,’ Isaac says.

‘And if he, which means the B contestant suggests me to quit this show after he survives. Then I’ll give up this show. I’ll quit forever.’

‘Interesting,’ Ronald says liking her offer. ‘But Ma’am, I still don’t get it, why hasn’t anyone survived this yet?’

‘Because they take risks. There was a stunt man who said that he’ll dodge the bullet, but he failed.’

‘Obviously, no one can dodge a bullet,’ Ronald says.

‘But I’ll think over it,’ Isaac says, ‘I mean I will take part in this one becoming B.’

However, Ronald concentrates on the offer of ending up this show forever.

The Repeated Challenge

That week, Ronald was at Louver, and Isaac was only thinking about the escape plan of Megan’s Final Challenge. Isaac was waiting for Ronald to return.

One day before Thursday, Isaac was roaming around at park. There he sees Ronald’s wife with someone,

‘Emily?’ he recognises her. ‘Has Ronald returned?’

When the man with Emily turns around his face, he was someone unknown. Isaac immediately realises at once that Ronald’s wife was unfaithful to him, who was having an affair with someone else.

Seeing this Isaac thinks whether he should tell Ronald about it or not. However, he was also more concerned with Megan’s Final Challenge and was doing it only to get money from her.

That Thursday, Isaac and Ronald were back on stage at Megan’s Theatre, where Ronald was A this time and Isaac was B. Ronald takes the mike and says to Isaac:

‘I have a challenge for you Isaac, which is very much familiar.’

‘I’m ready to accept it before you offer it,’ Isaac replies.

The audience cheers for Isaac.

‘My challenge is the same which you gave me last time.’

‘You mean falling off from the twentieth floor?’ Isaac asks.

‘Yes…this time YOU’LL be thrown from twentieth floor…’

The audience gives Ronald a great applaud. Isaac smiles looking at them and yells:

‘I accept!’

The audience gets even excited and claps out for Isaac. Megan likes the way her show was being entertained. Ronald stands in front of stage and says:

‘But no…my challenge is not yet complete…I allow Isaac to use any trick but mine.’

‘Alright…no more parachutes in this game,’ Isaac replies.

to be continued...