Insiders: Season 2

  • 28 May - 03 Jun, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

It’s safe to say that the Spanish reality show Insiders has stood out from the crowd with its unique concept. Unlike other reality series, the contestants on the show do not know they are part of the show. Trying to answer that burning question amongst reality shows, are we the same on camera? Here, this series is really hoping to show real, authentic people, but how authentic are they really, when they know they are going for a place on a reality show? That alone is enough to make someone change their behaviour. Either way, this is a fun, fascinating watch. For all of you wondering, how can people be fooled after this series has been on Netflix already? Well, they answer this by saying it was all filmed before the first season was released on Netflix. The format is straightforward, simple really, and each episode is roughly one hour long, which makes for a good binge-watch. Najaw Nimri (Money Heist) makes for an excellent host, captivating the audiences, she is easy and commanding to watch. The futuristic setting and costumes are appealing to the eye and give the show some edge. Similar to the first season, this second season has 12 contestants, who believe they are in the final stage of casting for a reality show to win 100,000 Euros. Only this time, two of the contestants are insiders, Laura and Peter. If they tell anyone, they are out. So a small twist and change, but enough to shake things up and cause a potential stir.

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