Sculptural lounging

The idea of sculptural furniture is nothing new – in a time before Instagram (we know it’s hard to imagine) designers paved the way for the retro shapes and abstract curves which are fast becoming a must-have for interiors lovers in 2022. But the best thing about sculptural furniture is that you don’t need a home like an art gallery to enjoy a good piece of sculptural furniture. This edit of on-trend furniture will fit perfectly into any setting, be it a minimalist city apartment or country house lounge.

This sculptural half mirror will add a striking flair to your home.

Perfection in form, precision in construction and finesse in details are the hallmark of this armchair.

This floor lamp is designed with an elegant silhouette which exudes visual drama.

This decorative wall clock is a fully functional wall art. 

This handmade planter looks like a museum-worthy art.

A shimmering clam shell will surely be a great addition to your table top settings.

A table that perfectly represents the symbiosis of sculpture and balance.