Hareem Farooq

NASFF-21: Congrats to the MOl&B and ISPR for making this initiative a true success. The high achievers have been granted visas for Australia. I wish them all the best for their advance studies in NYFA, Australia. @nasff22

The NASFF is meant to proffer a chance to such able and enormously talented youth to produce high quality short films projecting the positive image of Pakistan. Hareem Farooq congratulated the authorities for conducting a successful event and wished the achievers, who have been granted the visas for Australia, all the best for their advanced studies.

Mahira Khan

Bursting with pride and joy! Congratulations to team #Joyland!! Congratulations Pakistan! @SaimSadiq14 @sarwatgilani #sarmadkhoosat #alinakhan #saniasaeed

Saim Sadiq’s Joyland, the first Pakistani feature film screened at the Cannes, received a standing ovation at its premier. Team Joyland has made the entire country proud and garnered immense praise at the festival. Mahira Khan joyfully congratulated the whole team of the film.

Ushna Shah

Why do luxury housing societies have zoos? There is a special place in hell for those who are entertained by destitute, imprisoned voiceless living beings. And an even more special place for those who profit off this destitution.

As we all know Ushna Shah has been extremely vocal about the cruelty on animals and has always spoken up for their rights. This time, the actress raised a valid point of having zoos opened at luxury housing societies. She expressed her anger for the people who earn profits from holding animals captive. As captivity can be really bad for both their physical and psychological health.