The Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley is an enticing Parisian locked room mystery with enough twists to keep thriller fans guessing. With her life in shambles, Jess is in need of a change of scenery, and her half-brother reluctantly obliges by inviting her to stay with him in his apartment in Paris. However, when Jess arrives, her brother is nowhere to be found, and the longer he's missing, the more suspicious she becomes about his seemingly nice neighbours. As she investigates the people who may or may not know what happened to her brother, Jess finds herself in the middle of a potentially deadly situation.

Meet Me in the Margins

Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson is a rom-com that’s an ode to romance novels. Savannah Cade may work for a publishing company that treats romance like it's not worth the paper it's printed on, but she knows better. After years of working as an editor, she's finally ready to submit her own romance manuscript to a famed champion of the genre. However, before she can send over her draft, a mysterious editor makes notes in the margins of her work, which she had carefully hidden away in a turret of her Victorian office. When her official editor gives her the same notes, Savannah realises she has no choice but to work with her mystery editor.

Moon Witch, Spider King

The second book in Marlon James's Dark Star trilogy flips the first book, Black Leopard, Red Wolf, on its head. In the Moon Witch, Spider King, Sogolon, the antagonist from the first entry in the trilogy, takes the centre stage. This time around, readers see the story from her point-of-view, which is sure to make you reevaluate everything you thought you knew to be true from the first book. Not only does Sogolon share her take on what happened to the missing boy from the last book, she also details her nearly 200-hundred-year long feud with Aesi, the chancellor to the king, and reveals that she's not quite the villain people think she is.