Camila Cabello shares what helped her cope with her ‘crippling anxiety’

Camila recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she opened up about her ‘crippling anxiety’. She discussed how creating her third album Familia helped her be more vulnerable when it came to her mental health. "At the beginning of this album I was having such a bad time mental health-wise," Camila said. "It was crippling anxiety that was really hard for me. I feel like because I was in that place, I isolated a lot." The singer explained that she felt like she needed to be ‘healed’ before she was able to hang out with others and be herself. While working on the album, Camila was able to be extremely vulnerable and built the same familial relationship with her musical collaborators. "It's about my actual family but also I feel like the family I made while making this album," she shared. Camila said the experience shifted her mindset about how she makes music. "Sometimes I felt like even being in the studio felt performative." The process eventually changed her life outside of the studio.