Atiqa Odho feels a bond is missing between todays costars

Getting along

As much as an audience wants to believe that the actors who play friends in movies and TV shows have a warm and friendly friendship off the set, it's not always the case. Sometimes, the actors do such a good job at pretending to be close that it's almost impossible to believe that they aren't actually the best of friends! Talking about this, veteran actor Atiqa Odho felt a generational gap between todays actors and the actors of yesteryears. Sharing a post on her Instagram, Odho shared a photo with her costar Naumaan Ijaz and wrote about the bond they share which is somewhat missing in the stars these days. She wrote, "Years of friendship and trust always translate into creative work for us artists. Lucky are those that have lifelong friends in our fickle industry. The new kids coming in don't seem to have the same sentiment towards their coworkers as our generation did and still have."