My face easily turns red. How can I cancel out the colour?

Avoid chemical sunscreens. Chemicals can be irritating to the skin and cause inflammation, which leads to more redness, so use a physical sunscreen with a high concentration of zinc oxide of nine percent or above. Wear it every day rain or shine, as UV sunlight will tend to make redness worse. When the skin is exposed to the sun, it creates melanin, which manifests as a tan for some people, but as red, inflamed skin for others, which is typically a sunburn. That redness from a sunburn comes the body flooding the skin with blood to treat the damage from the sun. Also, try to avoid products with fragrances, and look for skincare products with niacinamide, as its anti-inflammatory effect helps to diminish redness. Avoid steam and sauna, as it makes redness worse, limit caffeine intake to one cup per day and avoid spicy foods. After all, a common side effect of caffeine and spicy food is indeed a flushed face, and most rosacea sufferers have very sensitive skin that is affected by these things.

When can I start tackling fine lines?

Always wear sunscreen because UV damage causes lines by breaking down the collagen and elastic tissue. Look for a product with peptides because peptides stimulate collagen production, and use retinol at night because retinol is similar to retin-A. Peptides, like retinol and growth factors, are known as “cell regulators,” which means they have direct effects on your skin’s collagen metabolism and production. Additionally, think about getting a head start on prevention. Consider using Botox before lines get deep because it relaxes the muscles and smooths the lines in the skin overlying these muscles. If you have deep smile lines, these lines can be filled in and softened, consider a filler made of hyaluronic acid.

I always wake up with puffy eyes. Help!

Always sleep on two pillows, take gel ice packs and put them on your eyelids for 10 minutes in the morning, keep your eye serum in the refrigerator and put the cool gel on your eyes to take down the swelling. Unless you have an eye infection, an injury or simply allergies, eye puffiness is primarily caused by fluid retention in the tissue around your eyes, which happens sometimes just because of the position we sleep in – we are too parallel with the floor.