Borgen: Power & Glory

  • 11 Jun - 17 Jun, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Borgen: Power & Glory is the standalone fourth season of Borgen, the tense Danish political drama. Once the unlikely first female prime minister of Denmark, is now the country’s Foreign Minister in the new government of a social media-savvy female PM who’s a decade her junior. The resource-based industry that once dominated the nation of Greenland is superseded in the opening moments of Borgen: Power & Glory, as an old whaler watches a sleek red helicopter fly over that bowhead whale’s body en route to the field headquarters of the Canadian energy company that just discovered black gold. The find presents a challenge for newly-minted Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg (Knudsen). She’s committed to ending oil dependency in Denmark by 2050, achieving carbon neutrality, and remaining a member of the Paris Agreement. But Greenland, with its evolving state of home rule from Denmark, is excited to extract the oil. Hans Eliassen (Svend Hardenberg), Birgitte’s Greenlandian counterpart, says natural resources are his jurisdiction, but she isn’t so sure about that. As Birgitte’s old political rival Michael Laugeson (Peter Mygind) grouses about her New Democratic party, former anchor Katrine Fonsmark (Birgitte Sorensen) is getting acclimated as the station’s new chief. As she’s welcomed to the newsroom by veteran editor Torben Friis (Soren Malling) and anchor Narciza Aydin (Ozlem Saglanmark), Katrine acknowledges the difficult role and diminished status of television news in the age of social media and rampant fake news.