Surviving Summer

  • 11 Jun - 17 Jun, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix has recently put out a string of good teen series, many of which are produced in Australia. One thing they have in common are a lot of action sequences, that show the country’s stunning scenery. Surviving Summer might be one of the better series of this genre, let’s see. As we see Ari Gibson (Kai Lewins) surf, we see his cousin, Summer Torres (Sky Katz) is in Brooklyn, skateboarding with her friends. After she’s caught skating at a local pool, her skateboard aflame as part of the stunt, Summer and her mother Margot (Kate Beahan) are in therapy, and Margot has to figure out where to send her daughter while she’s on a photo assignment in the Middle East. She gets in touch with her sister Abbie (Adrienne Pickering), whom she hasn’t spoken to in a decade, since she moved away from Australia. While Summer objects to being shipped to the other side of the world, she is shown arriving to a warm greeting from Abbie, her uncle Thommo (Dustin Clare) and younger cousin Honey (Asmara Feik). Ari is at his first competition since he was injured a year earlier in an accident where he almost died. He’s getting panic attacks, especially when he’s around his friend and main rival Marlon Souza (Joao Marinho). Marlon also happens to be dating Bodhi Mercer (Savannah La Rain), on whom Ari has a massive crush.