Iffat Omar bids farewell to showbiz


Just because we might love a particular actor doesn’t automatically mean that acting is what they’ll do for the rest of their lives. Some beloved actors, from child stars to grownup celebs, gave up acting and picked entirely different paths in their lives. Some stars leave the industry of their own accord, others disappear after worrying public incidents, and some fade after scandals. But former model and actor Iffat Omar bid adieu to the glamourous world of showbiz for a completely different reason. Talking to a publication, she revealed the reason she is quitting acting and said, "I have decided to quit showbiz because the work is so bad and I criticise it myself. To do the work yourself and then critique it as well doesn't feel right." But Omar might just come back if… “ever in life I'm offered a really great script, I will think about it – otherwise I'm done." Although we’ll still get to see the model active on social media as she said, "I have quit acting but will keep doing my social media work."