Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly's latest collaboration Tum Ho To encourage women to work


Sajal Aly paired up with Shehzad Roy and the duo has now been seen in the singer’s latest single, titled, Tum Ho To. It all started when both Roy and Aly shared a joint Instagram post where they staged a video call. The caption included the hashtags #WorkingWomen #TumHoTo #4thJune. The subject of their collaboration is working women, it has been directed by Faisal Qureshi and was released on June 4. In the video, the singer asked Aly where she is to which she responded she's in Lahore for work purposes. He then asked the actress, "Your life is set, why do you need to work?" She replied "What do you mean why do I need to work?" Roy stated that people work to earn money. Aly said, "No, there can be many other reasons to go to work." And the conversation goes on. The song is about empowering women to work and be independent. The video is an eye-catcher with Sajal being the ultimate highlight of the song. The duo also posted a few shots from their photoshoot together, captioned with the hashtag #TumHoTo to get their fans pumped up for their upcoming project.