The OST for the upcoming animated series Team Muhafiz is out now


Geo TV and the ISPR have jointly released Dil Fatah Karain, the theme song for the much awaited animated series Team Muhafiz. Geo TV recently posted the OST on their YouTube channel. It has since garnered over 100,000 views. "The song seamlessly mixes performance of the singers with selected scenes of the upcoming animated thriller," read the caption. Soch the Band, Karakoram and Young Stunners all contribute to the vocals of the song. Directed by Riyan Durrani, the song has been produced by Fahad Nabi and composed by Soch the Band and Sherry Khattak. Geo TV revealed that its collaboration with the ISPR will be made available to viewers very soon. Imran Azhar is behind the production who moved back to Pakistan last year after spending almost 20 years abroad. Team Muhafiz is a comic book series about a group of ethnically and religiously diverse teenage athletes who fight injustice in the city of Karachi. The many topics the series touched upon include child abuse, drug abuse, kidnapping, corruption and environmentalism. In addition to that, Team Muhafiz also sought to promote ideas like women empowerment and positive body image.