Hook, Line, and Sinker

It Happened One Summer took the romance world by storm in 2021, and now Tessa Bailey is returning to the world of the Bellinger sisters in Hook, Line, and Sinker. This time around Hannah takes centre stage as she moves into the spare bedroom in her best friend Fox Thornton's apartment. What she doesn't realise is that notorious ladies' man Fox is nursing a serious crush on his best pal, but he's determined not to let it ruin their friendship – even if that means helping her to be together with a co-worker she can't get out of her head.

One Italian Summer

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is a different kind of love story. This moving novel tells the story of Katy, whose best friend has always been her mother. Just before Katy and her mom, Carol, are set to take a trip of a lifetime to Positano, where her mom spent one magical summer before meeting Katy's dad, Carol dies. Grief-stricken, but determined to follow in her mother's footsteps, Katy goes on the trip alone, and soon something magical happens. She ends up running into someone, a young version of her mom, getting to know a side of her mother she's never known before.

A Thousand Steps Into Night

Traci Chee draws on Japanese folklore in her vibrant new fantasy novel A Thousand Steps Into Night. Set in the world of Awara, where monsters and humans, must all coexist, Miuko is living a quiet life as an innkeeper's daughter until she's cursed. Now, Miuko can't stop herself from turning into a demon whose touch is deadly unless she embarks on a quest to bargain with the gods. Along the way she encounters a meddlesome demon prince, tricksters, and a cast of unforgettable characters as she slowly begins to realise she may not want to return to her old life after all.