• 18 Jun - 24 Jun, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

When news first broke that R-Pats was becoming R-Bats, the internet wasn’t convinced the English actor had it in him. Robert Pattinson’s previous roles in Twilight and a host of other indie films hadn’t exactly secured him superhero-status, particularly in relation to The Dark Knight, but upon the first release of the infamous teaser trailer for The Batman, all was forgiven. Pattinson’s strong-jawed, brutal crusader has all the gritty aspects we’ve come to love from Batman over the years, from gadgets and cars to his trademark swagger as Bruce Wayne. But one question remained over Pattinson’s turn as Gotham’s shining light; his fitness. Is Robert Pattinson’s Batman workout and diet plan in the same realm as Ben Affleck and Christian Bale’s insane multi-discipline regimes?

While he might not be the rippling beefcake that Bale was at the height of his Batman Begins days, it turns out Robert Pattison’s Batman workout involves many of the same training protocols. A focus on functional fitness is key here, proving that if you want the Batman body, you’ve got to put the work in. If that sounds like you, prepare to strap on the boxing gloves and hit the running track, you’re going to be moving. Robert Pattinson’s Batman workout and diet plan is a high-energy, high-intensity burn that is nearly as brutal as the justice he hands out. Let’s take a closer look.

Diet and nutrition plan

In an interview, Pattinson revealed that his Batman diet aimed to increase lean muscle mass while reducing unnecessary fat deposits. As a result, the actor has cut down on alcohol and significantly reduced his intake of processed meat and fried foods as a way of accelerating his physical transformation. “You look at the true warriors of the superhero genre – Hemsworth, The Rock, Downey Jr., Evans – and wonder if you’re putting yourself in the wrong place,” Pattinson told Healthy For Men. “It’s all about pushing boundaries and building up to a point where you know you can do justice to the physicality required. And past that, so much of it is letting the special effects and on-screen exchanges produce the real magic. Overall, it’s just very exciting.”

So, what does Robert Pattison’s Batman diet look like? While we don’t know the full guide down to the tee, it’s not hard to imagine that the food intake is primarily lean proteins and fibrous carbohydrates. In a recent interview, Pattinson revealed that his go-to meal consists of “oatmeal with, like, vanilla protein powder on it” and canned tuna with Tabasco sauce, eaten straight out of the can. Even with his superhero regime, Pattinson still eats like a teenager on school-holidays.

Workout routine

For previous roles, Pattinson worked with celebrity trainers Harley Pasternak and Nathan Mellalieu, employing a series of military-style workouts.

For Robert Pattinson’s Batman workout, the emphasis remained on functional training, with a regimen that is broken down into a series of sections designed to add mass, speed, and flexibility to his physique. According to the interview with Healthy for Men, Robert Pattinson’s workout looks like this:


• Run – Five to 10km (three to six miles) three to four times per week

• Boxing – Three to five times per week

Strength: Military-style sandbag routines

• Forward lunge – Five sets of 12-15 reps

• Reverse lunge – Five sets of 12-15 reps

• Squat and press – Three sets of 10-12 reps

• Burpee and snatch – Three sets of 15 reps

• Glute bridge – Three sets of 15 reps

• Weighted sandhill sprints – Five hill-sprints

• Military press – Five sets of 12-15 reps

Abdominal and core routine

• Cardio – Five-minute warm-up

• Bicycle crunches – Three sets of 25 reps

• Dumbbell side bends – Three sets of 25 reps

• Double crunches – Three sets of 25 reps

• Superman exercises – Three sets of 25 reps