Two Tales of Betrayal

  • 18 Jun - 24 Jun, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Few days later, at Ronald’s home, he had just finished his wife’s funeral. He had nothing except for furious anger in him. He was filled with vengeance against Isaac and had taken an oath that he wouldn’t die unless he would kill Isaac with his own hands.

One day, J.L. comes to his home but Ronald doesn’t

allow him to enter inside and directly says:

‘I can’t allow you here. Neither do I want any sympathy. Just tell me what do you want?’

‘Well…’ J.L. says pretending to be honest, ‘I’m really sorry for your loss, but before doing anything harmful at least tell me what you are up to?’

‘I’m first going to find and kill the person who was behind Emily’s death and then I’ll kill Isaac in Megan’s Final Challenge.’

‘You’ll end up getting hanged.’

‘When I have nothing left to lose, dying is the only thing left to do.’

Ronald shuts his door.

Are you sure you can escape your death?

On Sunday, Megan was at stage of her theatre. Mr Ethan was watching the show from among the audience. Isaac comes from one corner of the stage in a black suit. The audience cheers for him. He looks up at the bulbs and hopes that they would turn off on time. However, Ronald comes to the stage from backstage in white suit and gets applause from the audience. Megan looks at both of them and gives out a speech:

‘Good evening, ladies and gentleman! Our upcoming challenge is known as Megan’s Final Challenge. Today in this challenge either both of them will survive or both will die.’

Underground at basement, Isaac’s bomb diffuser friend was standing next to main power. J.L. sees him as he was to stop him, and yells:

‘Get out of there before I kick you out myself…’

Back at stage, Megan says her last words for speech:

‘Let’s wish Mr Isaac, best of luck!’

She goes to Isaac and slowly says in taunt:

‘Do you have anything you want to tell me before you die?’

‘Yes…’ Isaac says seriously, ‘Remember that I told Ron about the person who hired me to kill his wife was his wife’s boyfriend?’

‘Of course I do remember that, I heard whatever you were saying.’

‘But I lied Megan, it wasn’t Emily’s boyfriend…it was someone else.’

She gets confused and moves aside looking at him as she had to start the contest. Megan’s worker comes toward Ronald and gives him the machine gun. Ronald takes it from him and slowly aims it straight toward Isaac’s head with one inch distance. Megan takes out her pistol to start the contest. Ronald looks at fear in Isaac’s eyes and asks:

‘Are you sure you can escape your death?’

‘…I’m damn sure,’ Isaac replies after a pause.

Megan fires her pistol in air. The lights go off at the theatre. Megan gets a little angrier realising that J.L. didn’t do what he was supposed to do. She gets even worried when she realizes that Ronald wasn’t firing the bullet. After fifteen seconds of Megan’s gun shot, Ronald fires the machine gun. Megan feels that Ronald must have missed the shot as he fired out of time. The audience was also panicked with lights gone off.

J.L. pushes Isaac’s man off the power switch board and fixes the lights power somehow.

After a couple of minutes later, the bulbs and lights of the Theatre turn on. Megan doesn’t see anything else but checks out what happened to Isaac. On stage’s floor, Isaac was lying dead with a hole on his forehead bleeding.

Megan gets very relieved. Ronald looks at Isaac’s head’s wound and says:

‘This was the same injury I saw on my wife’s head.

I had to kill you the same way you killed my wife.’

Mr Ethan stands up and claps for Isaac’s performance

failure, Megan smiles and whispers to herself:

‘Isaac failed to escape. And now he’s dead like I always wanted. And Ronald’s going to die as well.’

Ethan comes up on stage and asks Ronald:

‘When the lights were off, how did you kill him?’

‘It’s nothing too big.

I could easily feel him in darkness through my senses and perceptions.’

‘Anyways Ronald, tomorrow evening at eight, you’ll be hanged in front of me.’

‘I always wanted to die, but guess what,’ Ronald whispers in his thoughts, ‘you won’t see me getting hanged.’

Megan’s nurses come and take away Isaac’s body on stretcher. Ronald gets hold by guards who take him away from the stage.

Always affiliated

Next day, around eight thirty in the evening, somewhere near central jail, Ronald was being taken away by guards to be hanged. Mr Ethan and J.L. were following them. The judge of the high court who sentenced Ronald to be hanged was also standing there to see Ronald getting hanged. Ronald is actually smiling, realising a terrible fact that he wouldn’t die right now, because he has some sort of escape plan.

At nine thirty, Megan was in her room of her house. She was feeling relieved as something very precious which she was about to lose, was still with her. She claims to herself:

‘This is what happens in my show, both the contestants who dare to perform my final challenge die. Likewise, it happened with Isaac and Ronald. One of them died attempting the challenge

and the other one died

getting hanged.’

She sits on her sofa and drinking the glass of water. Her thoughts get interrupted with her cell phone ringing. She answers the call, it was J.L.,

‘Hello J.L.!’

‘Megan! You are not going to believe this. Ronald is not hanged to death.’

‘Oh no! But why?’

‘Something terrible happened,’ J.L. cries.

‘Terrible? Did he escape death?’

Her cell phone disconnects as the signal drops.

Her maid comes to her room and says:

‘Ma’am, there’s someone here to see you.’

‘Who? Bring him here’ she says expecting Ronald.

After a while, someone comes to her room and seeing him Megan gets extremely stunned that the glass fells from her hand and shatters into pieces. It was no one other than Isaac who was still alive.

She tries to remain calm and asks:

‘So, you survived?’

‘Yes…I had to fake my death.’

‘To get Ronald hanged?’ But unfortunately he was not hanged.’

‘I know!’

‘How did you survive Isaac?’ she asks.

‘Megan, you know something, I always believed that you have a very devilish mind. But there is someone who is more cunning. He is someone who was my partner in a dangerous and risky plan. We both actually worked together to let me survive your final challenge last day. You always thought you were making him a fool, but actually he was fooling you all the time.’

‘Are you talking about the guy who turned off the lights yesterday?’

‘No, it’s him’ Isaac says looking behind allowing someone to enter the room.

Ronald enters the room. Megan gets even confused seeing both of them together as mates.

‘So, you both were never rivals, were you guys always affiliated?’

‘Correct!’ Ronald replies.

Isaac narrates the incident to Megan:

‘Moments earlier, when Ronald was being taken away by guards to be hanged, I appeared before the court’s judge and Mr. Ethan. Seeing me, the judge stopped him from getting hanged and changed his sentence in front of news reporters. And then we both left the place together to come and see you.’

Megan astoundingly asks:

‘The sentence was changed, that’s not possible to happen in jail.’

‘You better see the news tomorrow,’ Ronald replies.

‘You…’ Megan angrily says looking at him, ‘you were cheating on me, why?’

‘Go on Ron, tell her from the beginning what was our plan.’

Ronald gets closer to Megan and tells her:

‘That day, when you told J.L. the dangerous secret about your show that you were the one who created difficulties in people’s show, so that they used to come and join your show ‘The Suicide Game’, that moment you were feeling something continuously, what was it?’

‘…I was feeling that someone among my contestants was hearing our conversation secretly. But when I checked outside it was no one.’

‘Yes, but your feeling was correct because fortunately or as a coincidence I was passing by and I secretly over heard everything…I heard J.L.

by saying:

‘So does that mean that you(Megan) were the one who stole away Isaac’s money and you created difficulties in Ronald’s life, so that they both would get depressed and would join your show?’

There you replied:

‘Exactly, now you see why they both were committing suicide.’

Then afterwards you said to J.L.:

‘My next target is Ronald…I sent a boyfriend to his wife so that she would fall in love with someone else and ask for divorce from Ronald, and that almost happened...Why was Ronald committing suicide? Because he wanted money to make his wife happy? No, it was because his wife Emily said that she wanted to get separated from him…She(Emily) was doing this on MY order. I actually offered her money to ask for divorce from Ronald. She agreed and did so and that eventually lead him to join our show…Interesting fact is that Ronald will die with his own will. But Isaac will die with my will.’

After hearing all this stuff from Ronald, she realises that she had lost against them, as every word Ronald just spoke about her was true. She still smiles sadly and says:

‘You remember every word I spoke. Then what happened?’

‘Let me tell you,’ Isaac says, ‘Ronald came straight to me and told me everything he heard from you…I couldn’t believe him first. But then I had to and we planned together to get you down, being part of your final challenge.’

‘Oh, together? So, Ronald didn’t care about the fact that you killed Emily.’

‘Megan I told you that

I didn’t kill Emily on her boyfriend’s order.’

‘…Oh, now I get it,’ Megan

says realizing a terrible fact.

‘So, it was Ronald himself

who ordered you to kill Emily.’

‘Yes! Now you’re getting

our plan.’

‘She deserved to die,’ Ronald adds, ‘because she was working for you to make me commit a suicide.’

‘Anyways let me finish the story,’ Isaac says.

‘After we understood your plan, we decided to make you and J.L. believe that Ron wanted to commit suicide. So we planned the challenge of hanging Ron from the tree, and purposely failed it to fool you…After that we had to prove it you that Ron and I had become rivals. That’s why I was chosen to kill Emily. When Ron was faking his actions of vengeance, you came to him and joined hands with him. Then we were sure that you wanted to get me killed in your final challenge…So I told you my escape trick but didn’t tell you that Ron was also part of my escape trick.’

‘Okay okay, I get it,’ she says getting frustrated.

‘That moment of your final trick when the lights had gone off, Ron shot the bullet after fifteen seconds purposely. Because in those fifteen seconds, I got a fake blood over my face and made an artificial wound. I was already lying on ground while he shot the machine gun.’

‘So, double crosser,’ she says to Ronald, ‘you played fraud on me.’

‘Fraud tricks are legal,’ Ronald replies, ‘you made this rule in your show.’

‘You know why I wanted to kill you Ron, it’s because you were always against my show.’

‘That’s why Isaac kept that condition in the agreement. You’re over Megan, your show’s over forever. Your entire wealth is ours and you’ve lost

your career.’

‘Poor Megan,’ Isaac adds,

‘now you feel it, now you realise what it’s like losing everything. You tookaway people’s money, happiness and you created problems and difficulties in their lives. Now you’re suffering what others have suffered.’

‘You used to say,’ Ronald continues, ‘I’m sorry but unfortunately our B couldn’t manage to escape…But I observed you. You never meant what you said. Because you never cared whether your contestants would live or die.’

Megan holds her head and almost cries as tears come in her eyes. Isaac picks up her cell phone and dials Mr Ethan’s number. Ronald says to her:

‘You planned two people

my wife Emily and her boyfriend. And they both died on my order.’

‘Why didn’t you stop me when you figured out my plan?’

‘Because I always wanted your show to be over and Isaac wanted your money. And to achieve that, we had to reach your final challenge. So, we did it by playing over you and J.L.’

Isaac comes back as he had left the room, he says to Megan:

‘I just had a talk with Ethan, he’s saying he’ll stop his show forever and on court’s order you are to give your entire wealth to B contestant.’

‘Which means him,’

Ronald says.

Megan leans down on ground and hurts herself with the broken pieces of glass. She cries as if she had everything taken

away from her.

‘The title of your show,’

Isaac says to her, ‘should

not have been The Suicide Game.’ ‘It should be The Conspiracy Game.’