That’s My Time With David Letterman

  • 18 Jun - 24 Jun, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix yielded a ton of programming for the streamer, whether it’s for video streaming or audio-only podcasts. One of the shows that came out involves David Letterman, coming out with a show that’s much closer to his late-night roots. Recorded during the April 28 – May 8 Netflix Is A Joke Fest, That’s My Time With David Letterman brings the late-night legend back somewhat to his roots. Instead of serious and semi-serious interviews with entertainment and political notables, Letterman concentrates purely on comedy. In each 18-minute episode, Letterman does a five-minute monologue and interacts a bit with the audience. Then he introduces the featured stand-up comic, who does the usual “tight 5” you see on a late-night show. In the first three episodes, the comedians featured are Sam Morril, Naomi Ekperigin and Brian Simpson. After the stand-up does their set, Letterman interviews them for the remaining time, giving the comics more room to wedge in more jokes. Like most stand-up segments you see on late night, what we see on That’s My Time is hit and miss. But these episodes are almost as much about Dave than about the comedians he’s featuring.

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