• 25 Jun - 01 Jul, 2022
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How you dress can reveal a lot about your personality, as can your makeup and hairstyle. However, while a power suit and red lip can be spotted across the room, fragrance is a much subtler, much more intimate way of revealing the type of person you are – or aspire to be.

To others, your signature scent is a subconscious way they'll remember you by and how they'll perceive you. To you it can be a strong factor in determining what kind of day you're going to have and what type of mood you want to set. Your signature scent, regardless of who it's for, is unabashedly yours.

Choosing a signature fragrance can take a while, especially considering the thousands of options on the market. And while having a plethora of options, it can be a relief to streamline your routine for a minimalistic, more intentional fragrance wardrobe. So, if you prefer to have one or two signature scents that you'll go back to time and time again, rather than playing fragrance roulette on any given day, and are stumped on how to pick a perfume that feels perfect, we're here to help. To find your signature scent, read the tips below:

Know what you like

When you have to ask yourself too many times if you love something, you probably don’t. When you truly love the smell or taste of something, you usually know straight away. However, we admit you can also grow to love certain smells, so do keep an open mind.

Read up on perfumery

Try to get familiar with different ingredients and sample the ones that really resonate with you. Specialty stores often invite customers to sniff dozens of scents and compile their own unique fragrance, while expert perfumers stand by to point out which notes pair well together.

Consider trends, but proceed with caution

As with fashion, trends come and go, so consider that when fragrance shopping. Trends are a helpful cue to what is going on, but like anything else as you learn what you like, you learn to trust your own instincts.

The same goes for cult classics. While we've all loved Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue and everyone on TikTok is crazy for Bacarrat's Rouge 540, don't let the hype cloud your judgment. While these tried-and-true fragrances have stood the test of time and will continue to reign, there are so many more options to be discovered.

Be discerning where you shop

To find a scent off the beaten path, head to specialty perfume shops, which carry a wider selection of more unusual perfumes. Avoid duty-free carts at all costs; which are known for hawking widely manufactured name-brand scents.

Spend time with it

Perfumes smell differently on everyone, thanks to our unique skin chemistry, so how it smells on a sampler paper won't necessarily how it settles into your skin. Before you purchase a full-sized perfume, use a sampler or a travel-sized bottle and sit with the fragrance for a week. Sampling should be a key part of the experience, so try a few and then see. Allow yourself to live with a new scent a bit before passing judgment.

Consider how you want your signature scent to make you feel

Do you want to come off as playful? Do you want to feel sexy? Consider this as you take turns sniffing between scents of leather accord and peony before settling on the one. It should make them their ideal self – this sense of recognition with a drop of aspiration. When you spray on the scent, it should feel not only that this scent is who you are, but who you want to be.