By Any Other Name

Romance editor Lanie is excelling at life in By Any Other Name by Lauren Kate. Not only does she have her dream job, she's also engaged to a man that somehow ticks off all 99 boxes on her list of partner must-haves. So, when she is given a chance to help her favourite author, Noa Callaway, banish their writer's block, she jumps at the opportunity. What she didn't anticipate is that Noa, who has never been seen by anyone in the industry before, isn't who she expects. But the revelation might just inspire her to toss her checklist out of the window.

The Night Shift

A Blockbuster and an ice cream parlor become grisly crime scenes in Alex Finlay's darkly nostalgic thriller The Night Shift. During New Year's Eve in 1999, four teens are attacked while working late at a local Blockbuster, and only one of them survives. Fifteen years later, history repeats itself when a group of workers are attacked at a local ice cream parlor, leaving just one survivor behind. In the aftermath, the survivor of the Blockbuster massacre, an FBI agent, and the brother of the accused all must work together to unravel the truth about the attacks.

The Tobacco Wives

The Tobacco Wives by Adele Myers puts the strong bonds between women in the post-WWII era front and centre. After moving to Bright Leaf, North Carolina, Maddie Sykes becomes fast friends with the town's strong and vibrant women. However, when she realises that many of the women in the town are suffering from major health problems, she faces a dilemma. She can either speak out against the tobacco industry, which is the lifeblood of the town, or remain quiet and watch her friends struggle from preventable diseases. No matter what choice Maddie makes, she knows Bright Leaf won't escape unscathed.