• 25 Jun - 01 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Jennifer Lopez’s new documentary, Halftime, ostensibly captures JLo at her mid-way point: Turning 50, booked for the Super Bowl, and on the campaign trail for an Oscar. But what’s striking about this snapshot of the superstar is how much of it features Lopez almost, but not quite, getting what she wants. She doesn’t win the Oscar for Hustlers – doesn’t even get nominated. The halftime show is a hit, but comes with the frustrating caveat of Lopez being forced to split her stage time with Shakira. Even at JLo’s level of success, she’s still fighting for an extra minute on stage. Halftime feels refreshingly honest – or, at least, as honest as pop star documentaries tend to get – even if it can’t quite find its way to an overall satisfying narrative. Of course, in the time since the documentary was filmed, Lopez has been in the spotlight for another reason – her renewed relationship with her now-fiancé Ben Affleck. If you’re looking for gossip on that front, prepare to be disappointed. Affleck is featured in the film just in a 30-second talking-head clip that you can watch in the trailer. It’s clear both Lopez and Micheli aren’t interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the superstar’s home life. This isn’t a celebrity tabloid. This is a movie about an artist who wants, more than anything, to be taken seriously.