The Wrath of God

  • 25 Jun - 01 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix cranks out movies like The Wrath of God vicious aplomb. It begins with rapturous applause for Kloster (Diego Peretti), a rich and famous crime novelist who just read part of his new book for an adoring crowd. They all want a photo or an autograph save for Esteban Rey (Juan Minujin), who gestures up towards a balcony. Luciana (Macarena Achaga) is up there. If she doesn’t get to see Kloster, she’ll cause a scene. He goes up there. Cut to Rey, and off-screen, something makes a sickening thump. This is one of those narrative-bookend type deals, where the movie segues to another scene with highly dramatic music and a subtitle that reads something like 12 YEARS EARLIER. This is when Luciana was Kloster’s assistant, taking dictation for one of his novels. He paces the room and orates while she types. Cut to: PRESENT DAY, but this is a lie! Because if this is the present day, then the opening scene with the book reading and icky thump would be a scene from (cue eerie music) THE FUTURE. So back again to 12 YEARS EARLIER, when Kloster misinterprets an innocent gesture from Luciana. She walks out, files a sexual harrassment suit, and Kloster just walks in looking like a few miles of bad road, cuts her a check and walks out. This is when Luciana learns that Kloster’s wife and daughter are dead.