Yashma Gill gears up for a positive role in upcoming drama serial Haq Meher

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In 2020-21, most people had more time than they expected to sit on their couches and watch countless hours of television. And although, the world is now back to the new normal, it still looks more and more like 2022 is not going to be much different in terms of our addictions to our TV screens. The good news is that there’s plenty of TV to look forward to. That being said, actress Yashma Gill is coming back to our screens with a new drama. Gill is making her comeback on Geo Entertainment with none other than the charming Shahroze Sabzwari for a new drama Haq Meher. Haq Meher follows the story of a young woman caught up in family politics with her marriage at the centre of the dispute. Starring in the lead, Yashma Gill is expected to play the role of this obedient desi girl who is expected to live her life according to how other people want her to. The story will catch a glimpse of the transformation of her character as she finally stands up and fights for her rights. Produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and directed by Barqat Siddiqui, the drama has an ensemble cast including Hammad Farooqui, Harris Waheed, Ayesha Gul, Waseem Abbas, Farhan Ali Agha, Fariah Jabeen. It is written by Haneef Chohan.