Hareem Farooq

Happy father’s day! A special shout out to all the fathers out there who support and encourage their kids, especially their daughters, to be the best version of themselves while staying in the shadows. You are our backbone, our unsung heroes! You are and always will be our first love!

Haroon Rashid

Love the energy of both the London Nahi Jaunga and Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad trailers. Looking forward to seeing both the films on the big screen in the UK, this Eid! Best of luck to all my favourites involved.

Humayun Saeed

Great trailer of Team Muhafiz – a venture of ISPR in association with AZ Corp. A story that follows a group of teenage volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to eradicate social injustices and other ills from the society. All the best to entire team!

Nadia Jamil

What a thought provoking message for change via this ad! I believe it is vital to be vocal if we are to co-exist as a healthy society. Kudos to Jazz for shedding light on the marginalised Khuwaja Sirah community!

Frieha Altaf

Climate change is not just causing floods but also the earth to heat up. God help the Afghan people. 1000 people perished. Bangladesh and India hit by floods, many lives lost. Pakistan is awaiting the monsoons; we must prepare for the worst. #earthquake #ClimateCrisis #OnlyOneEarth