Over the years, time and need, we would stress, has pushed showbiz to evolve and some new entrants have dazzled not just with their acting or modelling, but their speech. We get the same vibe from Bakhtawar Anjum, as she speaks to us – a woman who knows who she is and where she wants to be. We smiled when she said “not being on time is apparently the new black these days,” we share her annoyance with unpunctuality and more so, of celebrities that keep you waiting. Anjum and MAG engage in a light hearted chat – her passion fiery and perspective progressive – and she’s one to look out for. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

Who is Bakhtawar – on the camera and behind the camera?

Patient, passionate and punctual on the screen, always on my toes to learn and unlearn things. Behind the camera, I consider myself an ordinary girl next door who likes spending time with her family and friends, is a shopaholic and can binge watch an entire Netflix series. Last but not the least, I love talking and sharing my experiences with people around me, both in and out of work.

Tell us something about you that no one knows?

Well, I am a foodie, I just can't stop eating!

Your ramp inspiration from the industry?

Veneeza Ahmed, no second thoughts. Such a graceful lady!

How would you describe your style sense?

Simple yet elegant and to the point! No accessories or makeovers on regular days. I prefer staying natural when I am not working.

Eastern or western – which kind of shoots do you prefer and why?

I love diversity and equally enjoy doing both but eastern is always a step ahead for me. I am a hardcore fan of how our designers put their hearts in their designs, especially bridal with some seriously jaw-dropping detailing.

What is an absolute bad habit that you’d like to break?

Dark chocolates are my biggest weakness; I wake up in the middle of the night just to have a bite or two. I need a totka on how to stall my eminent death by chocolate.

Sneak peek into your future plans?

A director – behind the camera.

What’s THE dream?

The dream is to fly high and to live a happy, healthy life with my loved ones.