Power dressing

That takes you from the boardroom to the bar

1. There is nothing quite powerful like a red power suit. When everyone else is wearing their basic LBD to the party, you'll look phenomenal in a rich-red suit. An added tip? You can style the blazer and trousers separately as well.

2. The neutral tones that have dominated the past few seasons are here to stay, particularly when it comes to tailoring. And a peach suit isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. Case in point: a peach linen suit paired with a white slip shirt.

3. Don’t know what to wear to a friend’s party? Power suit. Have work at 9 am but a dinner date at 7 pm? Power suit. For that purpose, sharp cut lapels and double-breasted blazers have been our sartorial saving grace.

4. Stripes have been everywhere this season, so it’s only fitting that we work the print into this trend. For a fun spin on the usual suit set, opt for a bolder stripe to take a step away from the more corporate pinstripe styles we usually see.

5. For us, wearing bold and colourful suits in a boardroom is our opportunity to express ourselves – in a space that’s male-dominated and needless to say, pretty static in terms of clothing. That said, something that can make you feel most confident is a vibrant power suit.

6. A printed power suit is the secret to turning heads wherever you go. A printed suit sounds like it’d make for a hot mess – especially when paired the right accessories. But keep the print subdued enough, and you might just be in business.