Is Bollywood’s Raksha Bandhan really a Load Wedding rip off?

Not again!

It should come as no big surprise that movies borrow from each other all the time. In fact, some directors have made a career out of homages to more obscure movies. Sometimes, that works. Other times, the obvious borrowing proves more of a distraction than anything else. When a certain movie doesn’t get permission to remake, however, a movie earns a new classification: it becomes a rip off, which brings us to the recently released trailer of upcoming Bollywood flick, Raksha Bandhan. The movie’s trailer appears to be heavily inspired by Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza’s film Load Wedding. Raksha Bandhan starring Akshay Kumar as its lead actor revolves around the story of a man who has four sisters and has to find a suitable suitor for them before he could tie the knot to his love interest played by Bhumi Pednekar. While Raja played by Fahad Mustafa in Load Wedding faced the same issue in finding a husband for his sister Baby Baji. Both the movies highlight the issue of dowry wrapped up in light-hearted comedy. Close enough?