Netizens hilariously call out Minal Khan for copying Kylie Jenner’s Insta Story

Coincidence or copy?

So you’ve painted, photographed or crafted something beautiful and you’re looking for a way to share it with the world. If you’re interested in having it stolen or copied, there’s one sure place to go. Instagram is the ultimate metaphor for the state of creative culture. The medium is an ode to how little we value originality. Nowhere has the thieving nature of the Internet become more evident than on everyone’s favourite photography app. Having said that, if imitation really is the highest form of flattery, Minal Khan is being awfully kind to Hollywood’s cosmetic mogul Kylie Jenner. Recently, Khan shared an Insta Story of a fruit platter. Few hours later, that very platter became the hottest topic on social media. Some Insta users felt a familiarity to that platter. Later, memes started pouring in on how Minal Khan cropped out Kylie’s Insta Story that had “KylieAir” written on it and made it look like her own. Although, Khan took the trolls lightly, what we don’t get is did she really think no one would figure it out?