How do you get clear on what aspect of your expertise to share when you have a portfolio career and are known for different things?

When your career comprises a variety of jobs and multiple income sources earned from monetising your skills versus a job at a single organisation, you have a portfolio career. With a portfolio career, you must avoid confusing your audience. Instead, identify the main skills and expertise you bring to the table across your various job roles and decide which you want to build your brand around. Which of these skills lights your fire? Which is tied to your long term goal or strategic mission? Then be strategic about the roles you take on and focus on the skills that will help you deliver value long term and gain traction with your audience. Consistently sharing your expertise in the areas you wish to be known for and associated with makes your brand focused and credible.

Is it okay to job hop for a better pay and promotion?

In the past, we’ve defended job hoppers, noting that they’re not just better workers, but they’re also better paid. This isn’t to say that employee retention is a pointless goal for companies: We support initiatives that seek to keep loyal and dedicated staff, but, unfortunately, there’s little way around the fact that switching jobs can mean a big career boost – both in terms of money and job title. Although getting promoted and receiving annual or close to annual raises is often a natural step in the career-building process, these days so is switching jobs. Younger workers, especially, tend to see the biggest jump in pay from job-hopping – approximately an 11 per cent gain. But professionals over the age of 25 shouldn’t be concerned with this finding, which seems logical more than anything else. If you’re in the middle of a job search and leaving a company every few years sounds like something you’d rather not do, when an offer comes around, be careful to negotiate a starting salary that you can work with for at least a year or two. Don’t accept something hoping that after putting in a stellar performance, you could be bumped up by as much as 10 per cent; because for that, you’re probably going to have to get a new job.